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' The Eddy '

A famous jazz pianist gets tangled up with criminals as he fights to protect his new Parisian nightclub, his burgeoning band, and his wayward daughter. Starring André Holland as Elliot and Amandla Stenberg as his daughter, Julie, the miniseries premiered May 8th on Netflix. Created by Jack Thorne and executive producers Damien Chazelle and Alan Poul.

“Damien Chazelle Crafts a Musical Pressure Cooker and Stirring Family Drama for Netflix” – Indie Wire

“But above all, it’s deeply in love with music. Each scene is saturated with music, with full performances playing out for minutes at a time. It romanticizes the life of a musician, but it reveals the pitfalls, too; it shows us how there’s a human hand behind every plunk of the piano. As a series, it’s a lot like the hot-house jazz that emanates out of Elliot’s club: messy, unpredictable, exciting, pulsing with life.” – TV Line

The Revamp of a Retro Tale

Director/ Producer Alan Poul adapt the classic 1993 tv series Tales of the City for the contemporary LGBTQ+ community of modern day in the Netflix series by the same name. A loose continuation of the original storyline, Poul brings us back to San Fransisco for a bold plot exploring the honest lives of characters in the queer community.

Read the article in Variety here.

“[‘Tales of the City’ is] not always safe and politically correct and allows the fierce disagreements and different points of view within the queer community. It’s a luxury now that we can fight with each other. It used to be a unified front because we were trying to progress against what seemed to be against an unmovable opposition.”

- Alan Poul, Director/ Producer


As a director, producer and showrunner on HBO's acclaimed series' Six Feet Under, The Newsroom and Westworld, Alan Poul helped bring two unique and engrossing worlds to life. He lead the three shows to a collective 32 Emmy nominations, and secured his reputation for crafting engrossing, honest stories.



Nominated for 22 Emmy awards.

"Elegantly made; gets under your skin."          

- The New Yorker

"Ambitious to the edge of a cliff, Westworld is an undeniably
exciting journey into the future cast through a filter of the past."

- Indiewire

The Newsroom.


"The show is shot in a rather unusual way.  We always work with multiple cameras.  In general, rather than having our directors come in and stage a scene the way it’s in their mind, we try to let the action evolve organically, and then our cameras’ job is to figure out how to capture it.

So, doing that with multiple cameras and zoom lenses on very long pieces of track or board, our camera operators are able to follow the action in a more organic way, rather than forcing the actors to step into the camera.  That gives you the sense of something that you’re overseeing, and it gives the show a lot of its sense of realism.

- Alan Poul, Collider


Six Feet Under.


Winner of 9 Emmy awards.

"The response is thrilling to me, because it’s causing people to debate these expectations—how do we watch a drama?"

- Alan Poul, New York Magazine

Director. Producer. Showrunner.


When Alan was 8 he and his sisters staged a production of Bye, Bye, Birdie in their basement. The thrill he got from making something and showing it to an audience was electric and never left him. To this day he’s still guided by the desire to create something that wasn’t there to begin with. His love of theater remains just as strong and he’s acquired an almost encyclopedic knowledge of all things on and off Broadway. Alan’s cinematic world was unlocked in a unique way when he became an associate producer on Paul Schrader’s seminal Mishima due in part to his knowledge of the Japanese language and culture. That set into motion a an eclectic career as a successful producer, director, and showrunner on everything from 
Six Feet Under to The Newsroom and he’s been awarded an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and three Peabodys. Alan recently signed an exclusive overall deal with Endeavor Content to develop and produce premium scripted content. Alan specializes in discovering the intimate nuances of relationships. In all his work he connects us to something deeply human and incredibly real. The emotion is heartfelt and we connect to his characters in a way that makes them feel like family. In 2019, Alan revamped the acclaimed series Tales of the City, bringing the story to present day. Alan's recent vehicle The Eddy premiered in May on Netflix.