Alex's Mission.

Alex Gibney's profile on CBS Sunday Morning delves into his background, how it inspired his body of work, and what drives him.

"Alex Gibney isn’t just one of America’s most prolific documentary makers, he’s also one of the best."

- The Guardian

Cyber Security.

Zero Days delves deep into the world of cyber warfare, bringing this dangerous new front to the fore. 

Winner of the Peabody Award for documentaries and Oscar-shortlisted for Best Documentary.

"an intriguing and disturbing watch"

- The Guardian

Alex Talks to The NYTimes About His 5 Favorite Films.

"I don’t even like proclaiming “great films.” I remember that my father spent most of his life wanting to be a “great man,” but became more interesting and important to me when he became a “good man,” sharp, curious and more interested in listening than making speeches."

"My list comprises “good films” that stirred my heart in unexpected ways." - AG

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"I’ve called him the documentary’s greatest prosecutor. His films are the perfect closing arguments. He starts with maybe a small story that doesn’t seem necessarily related to the larger thesis and he just gets bigger and bigger."

- A.J. Schnack, Vulture

A Few Trailers.


Going Clear:
Scientology & the Prison of Belief.

Winner of 3 Emmys including Best Documentary.

"This impeccably assembled and argued film represents a brave, timely intervention into debates around the organization that have been simmering for some time."

- The Hollywood Reporter

"Absolutely riveting"

- Toronto Sun


Taxi to the Dark Side.

The Academy Award-winner for Best Documentary.

"Let’s hope we can turn this country around, move away from the dark side and back to the light."

- Alex Gibney, Oscar Acceptance Speech


We Steal Secrets:
The Story of Wikileaks.

"Engaging, kinetic, revelatory and unexpected."

- Newsday


30 For 30:
Catching Hell.

"The film is accessible -- and funny -- enough to attract a wide audience, sports-minded or not."

- Variety

"Filmmaker Alex Gibney dissects an infamous sports incident in fascinating and wildly entertaining detail."

- The Hollywood Reporter

Director. Producer. Writer.


Alex would have loved to have been a pro tennis player or musician but it just wasn’t in his cards, instead he went on to become one of the world's most important documentary filmmakers. Raised by a journalist and a theologian who were constantly challenging the status quo, Alex would grow into a “filmmaker with journalistic baggage". Alex is a die-hard Sox fan. He’s also the world’s worst swimmer (according to him) and his least favorite job was cleaning bricks with hydraulic acid and. He studied Japanese at Yale but when he discovered the Maysles, who were mixing artistic filmmaking with investigative techniques he enrolled in UCLA film school and made his first documentary The Ruling Classroom, about a classroom democracy experiment gone wrong. It would hint at things to come.
Spurred on by the anti-authoritarian journalistic integrity he inherited, plus an undying curiosity about the world around him and a strong distaste for any sort of bully, Alex hunts for truth in whatever subject he explores. A personal credo to always embrace the contradictions of life give his films a satisfying complexity that resonate long after they’re over. As a writer, director, and producer he’s  won an Oscar, Peabodys, Emmys, and a Grammy and while many of his films showcase the abuse of power he’s also found room to embrace his deep love of sports and music with his ESPN 30 for 30 series, and his films about Janis Joplin, James Brown, Fela Kuti, and The Blues, the series he produced with Martin Scorsese.