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“Research and story development is so common in documentary, but a very different discipline to most commercial work— it often gets confused as casting, which it very much isn’t.  It’s story development.  We like bringing that documentary discipline to commercial work.”

-Anna & Ewan

The State of Us

Anna & Ewan worked with Droga5 for Prudential to create an integrated campaign of seven TV spots out-of-home, print, digital, and interactive. Traveling to cities across America, they put a human face to the challenges people face when it comes to saving money from retirement or sending their kids to college. 

“We felt it was important not to just pour over data and spreadsheets, but to actually get out and hear from people,”  - Ray Del Savio, Executive Creative Director. Droga5.


Indiewire's 12 Must-See Films at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.

"Mesmerizing." - The New York Times (Critics Pick)

"A ghostly glimpse of America's vanishing hinterlands." - The Guardian

Anna & Ewan's brilliant film Uncertain brings us on a journey to Uncertain, Texas where an aquatic weed threatens the lake of this small American border town and the livelihoods of those who live there. As some of the men in town attempt to figure out their future, they confront a haunting past.

"Uncertain is an outstanding feature debut capturing a vivid cast of characters as compelling as any fiction...The filmmakers’ textured approach to documenting the small community is at once a traditional cinema verite portrait and something far stranger — a mysterious look at alienation that feels oddly familiar in spite of its unique surroundings."

-Tribeca Film Festival


Anna Sandilands & Ewan McNicol are an American and English filmmaking duo. Anna & Ewan are driven by a curiosity to reveal the unnoticed in everyday life. While their work fits some of the traditions of documentary verité filmmaking, one of their aims is to find a deeper understanding and empathy by visually immersing in character and story in ways more often associated with cinematic fictional filmmaking. Anna & Ewan’s work has been curated and screened at MOMA in New York, the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and the National Portrait Gallery in London, as well as film festivals including Sundance, Tribeca, BFI London International Film Festival and SXSW.
In 2015, Anna & Ewan were awarded the Albert Maysles Documentary Director Award at Tribeca for their documentary feature UNCERTAIN. The film received critical acclaim from The New York Times, Variety & The Guardian. Anna & Ewan's branded clients include: Airbnb, Apple, Google, Michelin, Nike, Nokia, Burt’s Bee’s and Walgreens, with a number of national and international campaigns. In collaborating with clients on commercial projects, Anna & Ewan apply the same rigorous attention to the real and unique elements of people’s stories that make them authentic. Anna & Ewan are based in Portland, Oregon.