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Discussions with the Director: Light Up the Sky  

Caroline Suh speaks to Forbes and Variety about Light Up the Sky, the Netflix documentary about Kpop sensation Blackpink. 

"Caroline Suh's exploration of the megastars is glossy and fun, but it also sneaks in some deeper insights about the price of fame."

- Indiewire 

"It's trying to tell their story in a way that's honest and interesting. And to show people, I think, a side of Blackpink that they haven't seen before."

-Caroline Suh, Director

"Caroline is a cinematic dynamo. She has focus; sensitive antennae to the world around her and an assured sense of visual style that envelops the viewer." 

-Alex Gibney, Director

Director Caroline Suh and Star Samin Nosrat Dish with Deadline on "Salt Fat Acid Heat"

Caroline Suh and Samin Nosrat sit down for an interview with Deadline on Emmy nominated Netflix docuseries and their love of all things food.

100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes 

"Salt Fat Acid Heat distinguishes itself from other cooking programs with Samin Nosrat's approachable and educational teaching style, celebrating the essential ingredients of a good meal with an international perspective."

“I think the book, and hopefully the series, really helps people reframe the way they look at cooking and food in a very basic way.”

- Caroline Suh, Director


Caroline is a documentary director and producer whose credits showcase a wide range of topics, cultures and subjects.  Her Emmy nominated Salt Fat Acid Heat for Netflix featuring Samin Nosrat and based upon Nosrat’s best-selling cookbook earned rave reviews for quietly subverting the conventions of food television and became a hit for presenting an alternate vision of what’s possible in food culture. Caroline also directed episodes of the Alex Gibney & Netflix  produced award winning series “Cooked” featuring Michael Pollan. 
Her short film, “4%: Film’s Gender Problem” is a provocative original series exploring the hot-button issues around the striking gender gap in Hollywood. Frontrunners, Caroline’s acclaimed documentary feature brings us into the world of high school student council politics, acting as a microcosm for the oval office and premiered at SXSW. Her latest feature Blackpink: Light Up the Sky tells the story of the sensation of Blackpink, the most successful female Kpop group and premiered on Netflix in October 2020 to rave reviews.