Salt Fat Acid Heat / Netflix
4%: Film's Gender Problem / Caroline Suh
Liberty Mutual / Town Gold / Hill Holiday
Cooked / Cooking With Water / Netflix

"Caroline is a cinematic dynamo. She has focus; sensitive antennae to the world around her and an assured sense of visual style that envelops the viewer." 

-Alex Gibney, Director


Caroline is a documentary director and producer whose credits showcase a wide range of topics, cultures and subjects.  Her Emmy nominated Salt Fat Acid Heat for Netflix featuring Samin Nosrat and based upon Nosrat’s best-selling cookbook earned rave reviews for quietly subverting the conventions of food television and became a hit for presenting an alternate vision of what’s possible in food culture. Caroline also directed episodes of the 
Alex Gibney & Netflix  produced award winning series “Cooked” featuring Michael Pollan. Her short film,  “4%: Film’s Gender Problem” is a provocative original series exploring the hot-button issues around the striking gender gap in Hollywood. Frontrunners, Caroline’s acclaimed documentary feature brings us into the world of high school student council politics, acting as a microcosm for the oval office and premiered at SXSW.