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'HBO's The Righteous Gemstones' Trailer: 

"…I am thrilled for this experience and what’s happening. It is so goddamn funny and so poignant, and it will cause a stir, in the way that Danny, Jody [Hill], and David Gordon Green do. They make big waves. There’s no place that I would rather be. It’s a real spiritual home for me, being with those gentlemen.” - Danny McBride

Not only is McBride starring int he show, he’s also serving as executive producer, creator, writer, and director. Frequent McBride collaborators Jody Hill and David Gordon Green are also on board as executive producers and directors. McBride and company specialize in shows about these sort of characters, and I have no doubt they’re going to deliver the goods here.

David Gordon Green's The Righteous Gemstones debuts August 18th on HBO.


Smashes Box Office Records.

David directed, executive produced and co-wrote (with longtime collaborator Danny McBride) the highly anticipated Halloween, a direct sequel to the 1978 horror classic, returning Jamie Lee Curtis to the role that made her a star.

The film premiered to criticial and audience acclaim, debuting #1 at the U.S. box office with the second biggest October opening of all time, as well as the biggest opening ever for a female lead over 55 and a horror film with a female lead.

The movie builds and becomes relentless. Maybe you can't go home again, but in the age of fanboy auteurs, you can go back to Haddonfield.

- New York Magazine

This slasher movie reboot for the #MeToo Era is the trick-or-treat frightfest you've been waiting for.

- Rolling Stone

The movie works because it's so fundamental, and funny too: Michael still never speaks; his mask and his slow, deadly, deliberate walk say everything they need to.

- Entertainment Weekly

Dewey Ryder.

One true sports legend, one self-proclaimed sports legend, and many, many green stockings. 

Following Mountain Dew spokesperson Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s NASCAR retirement, David Gordon Green collaborated with BBDO to introduce Dewey Ryder, the rambunctious new spokesperson portrayed by David’s longtime friend and collaborator Danny McBride.

The first spot saw Dewey bidding a not-so-somber farewell to the racing legend, while the followup, a co-direct with Chelsea’s Gregory Jacobs, saw Dewey tackling his first official race – and hopefully his last.

The spots were featured in Adweek, Little Black Book, The Drum and Fansided.
“This project was charmed from the start, and David was a huge part of that. His 20-year relationship with Danny McBride and his personal connection with our creative team led to a substantial three-way creative collaboration before, during and after the shoot, and his experience on independent features and episodic enabled him to work really quickly and attack a huge amount of material in a short amount of time. “

“His comedic instincts and seasoned professionalism were both key to pulling this thing off. Everyone was laughing all day on set, we all walked away feeling like this was the smoothest most fun shoot we had ever been on. A career highlight.”

- Julian Katz, EVP Group Executive Creative Director, BBDO

In His Own Words.

"I love vulnerable emotions. If you’re gonna see a character really struggling, let’s have another guy trying to disarm him. Let’s use humor, just as we do in our daily lives."

- David Gordon Green, AOL Build

"A Writer and Director of rare grace and talent."

- Rolling Stone

Rough House.

Along with his producing partners Danny McBride and Jody Hill, David runs Rough House Pictures, the production company behind HBO's Vice Principals and Eastbound and Down, along with a number of critically acclaimed indie features, including Donald Cried, Flower, The Comedy and Dayveon. They also produced the upcoming Halloween, which David directed and co-wrote with Danny McBride.

"We’ve been doing this ever since we were in college together. Over the experiences on productions that we’ve had and the people we’ve collaborated with, we have such a network of people now. Amman Abbasi, who directed Dayveon was my assistant for two years. Josh Locy, who directed Hunter Gatherer was my assistant on Pineapple Express. So you start to see how people who are creatively valuable to us have been empowered. You see how everybody works together in that social way. It’s not often that you see that in the competitive landscape of a Hollywood industry."

- David Gordon Green, IndieWire - "How Danny McBride, David Gordon Green and Jody Hill are Revolutionizing American Comedy and Beyond"


Vice Principals.


Green teamed up with his college buddies and frequent collaborators Danny McBride and Jody Hill to create HBO's dark comedy Vice Principals. As a Director and Executive Producer, David helps color the offbeat and hilarious world of the series.

"One of the funniest comedies of the year."

- Paste Magazine

"Strikes a balance between biting comedy and introspection."

- AV Club

Red Oaks.

Amazon Prime.

The New York Times calls Amazon's Red Oaks "undeniably charming", a period piece that perfectly blends David's penchant for rich nostalgia with his toned comedic voice. 

"A delightful and whip-smart comedy."

- Indiewire

"Set in 1985, it manages to be of the ’80s rather than about them, an affectionate and startlingly authentic evocation rather than a satire or a dissection."

- New York Times

Eastbound & Down.


David's first collaboration with HBO helmed a series unlike anything the network had seen before. A dark comedy with shades of southern gothic, Eastbound & Down quickly became a cult hit and picked up a WGA nomination for Episodic Comedy.

Eastbound & Down is a winner about a real loser.

- Entertainment Weekly

"An out-of-control, irreverent, and maniacally funny new show that couldn't be more timely."

- New York Post

A Few Trailers.

Prince Avalanche.

"Perhaps Green's chief accomplishment in this odd little gem of a movie is that he coaxes that mutual compassion out of the characters without having to put it into words."

- Hollywood Reporter

"One of the most intriguing and thoughtful American films of the year."

- Time Out

"A work of eccentric but often profound beauty."

- Washington Post


Pineapple Express.

"A gloriously unexpected coda, a moment of quiet reflection and narrative ingenuity that confirms 'Pineapple Express' as the finest comedy of the year."

- Time Out

"A comedy that brings a nicely deflating note of realism to action-film mayhem."



George Washington.

Part of the Criterion Collection.

"A work of startling originality that will haunt you for a good, long time."

- Rolling Stone

"Mr. Green has a sense of proportion and taste. No scene goes on for a beat longer than it should."

- New York Times


David Gordon Green grew up in Dallas, Texas and has been a film lover as long as he can remember, but things really kicked off for him when he was fourteen years old and worked as extra in Oliver Stone's film Born on the Fourth of July (David can be spotted wiggling his eyebrows behind the dugout fence in one of the opening baseball scenes). After graduating from the North Carolina School of the Arts he garnered the Best First Film Award from the New York Film Critics Circle and the Discovery Award at the Toronto International Film Festival with his directorial debut film, George Washington.  Since this film, he has bounced between comedic and dramatic work and works in both independent and studio features. Some of his film credits include: 

All the Real Girls, Pineapple Express, Your Highness, Prince Avalanche, Joe, Manglehorn, Our Brand is Crisis and Stronger. His directorial work in television includes the HBO series Eastbound and Down and Vice Principals, the Amazon series Red Oaks, and the Hulu series There's Johnny. He's currently directing and executive producing Apple's first original series, based on the life of Emily Dickinson and starring Hailee Steinfeld. His most recent feature is Halloween, a sequel to the 1978 horror classic, which returns Jamie Lee Curtis to the role that made her a star. The film hit theaters this past October and remained #1 at the box office for two straight weeks, smashing several records including the biggest opening ever for a film with a female lead over 55.