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Kojey Radical / War Outside / Music Video
Fathers / Short Film
Priya Ragu / Chicken Lemon Rice / Music Video
Footlocker X FIFA / Patterns
Lonepsi / I'm Everywhere Not Matter Where I Am / Music Video

"I Lost My Faith"

Dumas demonstrates his dexterity for film in this music video for artist Anaïs about the familial burdens we carry through generations. The video received a Vimeo Staff Pick and was nominated for Berlin Commercial's "Best Emerging Talent" as well as 1.4 Awards "On the Cusp of Greatness".

Director's Notes: Dumas on "After Midnight"

Dumas Haddad discusses the inspiration for rising British artist Lola Young's visual album "After Midnight".

"... I was instantly captivated by the music, hearing Lola so bare and stripped back, with just vocal and piano. The songs bare all these conflicting emotions... vulnerability, confidence, regret, pressure & reclamation across all the tracks, and I wanted to ensure that these were felt, all across the narrative. I sought to capture this intimate coming together of Lola and her partner in this house, and approach the space less literally, and more as a metaphorical space where the two come together....This is further emphasised through his vocals and sound design, whilst the glass between them represents him on the outside of her brain."

- Dumas Haddad

Dumas Haddad x Priya Ragu

Dumas directs rising star Priya Ragu’s vibrant music videos celebrating her Sri Lankan heritage while pushing the boundaries with modern touches on fashion and gender norms.

"With an emphasis on Priya's charismatic performance, supported by a glamourous cast of extras and a stunning take on South Asian fashion, Haddad delivers an exciting visual flavour to the singer's blend of East and West musical styles."- Promonews


"Behold a man, Superman, this Black Man"

Dumas' short film Fathers is a testament to fatherhood as a black man. The free verse narration coupled with the hymnal music offers an audiovisual glimpse into the love and fear black men experience raising a child.

In Their Own Words

"Film is like an emotional awakening, a visceral experience of energies and feelings, evoked through a multitude of layers and devices via the language of cinema. It's felt. So feeling is something I strive to channel in all my works."

Dumas Haddad


Dumas Haddad is a director and photographer raised in London who has developed his craft from the worlds of fashion, music & bleeding edge culture. His work elicits powerful uses of analogies and on-the-pulse narrative and character underpinnings. Focused on storytelling and dramatic action, his desire to reframe 
contemporary culture represents a rising generation of filmmakers that are trying to transform both today and tomorrow's voices. His accolades include Vimeo Staff Pick, Film 4, Kinsale Shark Awards, Berlin Commercial and 1.4 On The Cusp of Greatness selection.