Bud Light Seltzer / Wieden + Kennedy / Co-Direct
Mountain Dew / BBDO / Co-Direct
The Knick / Cinemax / Showrunner/Director
Red Oaks / Amazon / Writer/Showrunner/Director
Magic Mike XXL / Trailer / Director
Tom Papa: You're Doing Great / Trailer / Director


In His Own Words.

"I made movies as a kid, little Super 8 movies with my dad’s camera, and went to film school. I always wanted to make movies, and just sort of fell in as an assistant director and producer."

"Pretty quickly I realized, though, that I just liked the process of making films. Whether I was the producer or assistant director or writer, it was all interesting to me as long as it was a story I wanted to be part of telling."

- Gregory Jacobs, IndieWire

Dewey Ryder: Race Day.

When NASCAR legend and Mountain Dew spokesperson Dale Earnhardt Jr. retired in late 2017, he was replaced by the rambunctious, loud-mouthed and unqualified Dewey Ryder, portrayed by Danny McBride. For the campaign’s latest spot with BBDO, Gregory Jacobs and David Gordon Green reunited the two “friends” on the day of Dewey’s first big race – and possibly his last.

The spot also highlights Dewey’s new ride – a customized Mountain Dew-mobile with all of the essentials: a fridge full of Mountain Dew, a dreamcatcher, the joystick of an “enemy mig”, and Ryder’s face airbrushed on the car’s hood with a pair of dragon wings.

Jacobs and Green's spot garnered attention in Adweek, Little Black Book, The Drum, and sports news site Fansided.

"Greg is a master at bringing a team together. Everyone loves to over-deliver for Greg, bringing about the most remarkable vibe on set."

- David Gordon Green, Director

Magic Mike XXL.

"[Magic Mike XXL] has an easy, engaging flow, at once natural and dreamlike."
- Vanity Fair

“An outrageously entertaining sequel directed by Gregory Jacobs.”
- The New York Times (NYT Critics Pick)

"Better than its predecessor: looser, funnier, stranger, and vastly more subversive".
- The Atlantic

"I like doing it all. I like being a creative producer, too. I knew there was another movie to be made, and I had a sense of what it could be. There’s a story about friendship in here that can be really interesting, that also involves a road trip. Thematically, there was something interesting about that to me. They were all really supportive of it."
- Gregory Jacobs, Collider

A Few Trailers.

Red Oaks.


"Series creators Jacobs and Gangemi infuse a delightfully surprising air to each episode, throwing in '80s hallmarks like outrageous side characters, apt musical numbers, sex, drugs and even a body-swap episode."

- IndieWire

   "Undeniably charming."

     - The New York Times

The Knick.

(Showrunner/Executive Producer)

"This show is always paying attention. Its characters may be buttoned up in corsets and waistcoats, but the world of The Knick is recognizably unruly and reliably complex."

- Variety

"Beautifully filmed in New York City, The Knick captures a distant era with remarkable fidelity, as if the filmmakers had transported themselves back in time and then let the cameras roll."

- Associated Press

Director. Writer. Showrunner. Producer.


Emmy Award-winner Greg was 12 when he decided to become a filmmaker. He’d gone through the dreams of playing baseball in the big leagues and paid his suburban dues as a paperboy riding his bike through the streets of Harrington Park, New Jersey, but he found his purpose when he signed up for an after-school class in Super 8 filmmaking. Once he got behind the camera he was hooked. At NYU he became John Sayles’s assistant and learned everything he could from the legendary independent filmmaker. During his summer and winter breaks he worked as a tennis pro at country clubs around New Jersey collecting stories that would later inspire his Amazon series Red Oaks. While still a student at Tisch, Greg was hired by John Sayles to PA on his film, Matewan. After college, he quickly rose through the ranks becoming an assistant director and/or producer for the Coen Brothers, 
John Schlesinger, and Richard Linklater, amongst others.  He quickly put on every hat he could and created a multi-versatile writing, producing, directing, and show-running career.  His longest collaboration has been with his friend Steven Soderbergh. His stories deal with real people in incredible circumstances. They capture the everyday moments we can all relate to even if it’s a stripper heading to Myrtle Beach for one last blowout or a doctor at the turn of the century looking for new ways to practice medicine. He’s had a hand in everything from the Oscar-winning film Traffic to the The Edge of Tomorrow. Greg received a DGA award, an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his work on Behind The Candelabra and received the Peabody Award for The Knick.  Greg recently produced The Laundromat, which premiered at Venice Film Festival. It was directed by Steven Soderbegh and available on Netflix