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KFC / Homecoming / BBH
Minnesota Lottery / Jan Cave / Periscope
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Schneider Electric / Llama Superstar / BETC Paris
Hill & Adamson / Short

VFX. Performance. Art Direction.



"I wanted this to be a classic ‘rug pull’ gag with no signs of it being joke at the outset. The quality of the art department, photography and post-production was vital for this to work. We could never risk the movie-like space scenes feeling off or cheap as then the joke doesn’t work. So I geeked out on the ISS (international Space Station) and space landing pods for a time to be as faithful as possible."

"We also created shots that looked like archive material and incorporated this into the edit to give it as much realism as possible. In reality the space pod interior set was actually filmed in the car park right next to the KFC restaraunt!
" - JC



"It was really important for me to create as much of the zero gravity visual effect 'in camera’ and to shoot it within the set itself, to achieve the most natural visual style. We did this by shooting many different passes of action for every shot of the film. We'd shoot all the ‘floating’ objects moving through frame at high speed in different directions; some puppetered on rods, others dropped or thrown through frame."

"In post production we layered these elements up, sometimes playing movement backwards to create the overall effect. In the end, bar a small bit of liquid, nothing was created in CGI. It was a very time consuming and meticulous process but it was worth it.
" - JC



"I remember there was a scene in the film Stranger than Fiction that myself and the production designer took a lot of inspiration from. It’s where Will Ferrell is sitting at home in his very beige living room (the tones of the art direction are beautifully dull in a very stylish way)."

"Then all of a sudden a wrecking ball breaks through the wall causing complete chaos out of the blue, dust and debris thrown everywhere. We wanted to create a similar madness and chaos brought into a deliberately mundane world." - JC



At 9 Jack and his friend started a car wash business, The Wishy Washy Car Company, complete with business cards. This sort of “go out and make it happen” spirit carried with him as he ventured into the arts. His love of comics, art, and graffiti informed his style. Obsessed with East Coast rap while living in an English suburb gives you a little sense of where Jack’s dichotomy developed. It’s no wonder his interests and curiosities are so diverse. In his world The Warriors and The Big 
Lebowski can exist together. Comedy, drama, it doesn’t matter. Not only has Jack created an impressive television and advertising career he’s also found acclaim in the art world. The National Gallery in London commissioned him to create a film installation for their major exhibition Seduced by Art and his still photography has been included in the London Design Festival, and seen in the Spazio Orlandi Gallery in Milan, Italy.