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Johan Kramer Directs Spot for SKODA Amid Isolation

At home in Amsterdam with his Super 8 camera and a toy car, Johan Kramer shoots one of three shorts for the SKODA campaign celebrating the creative possibilties we still have at our fingertips during these challenging times. You can read the full press release here.

"Embracing this approach as a filmmaker was a true joy, you have a lot of freedom despite the limitations. That in itself is a message I wanted my film to reflect."  – Johan Kramer, Director

"Camera Dream" Celebrates Emerging Photographers 

Using the medium of film to comment on photography, Johan is inspired by the way in which photography has the ability to transport the viewer anywhere. Shot on a 16mm Bolex camera to add a slightly dreamy feel, the film shares a story about imagination.

From church basement to The Very Small Office of Johan Kramer:

In 1996 Johan Kramer co-created the communications agency KesselsKramer in the basement of a church with his friend, Erik Kessels. At a time in the Netherlands when creativity happened in cubicles and directors limited themselves to only what was written in the script, Johan saw the need for an open floor plan and abundant inspiration. Thus was born the first office of KesselsKramer in a church in Amsterdam, complete with ping pong tables, a wooden fort, and a statue of Vladimir Lenin. 
In 2006, Johan left KesselsKramer to pursue directing full-time and took those ideas of open floor plans and personality and established one man company The Very Small Office of Johan Kramer. You can’t find this space on a map anywhere, but you can see it in the hands of hundreds of people around the world in the form of an old shoebox. When your office fits into a suitcase, it becomes a lot easier to take on inspiring projects and create authentic, innovative content.

 “Working in the same place every day creates routine, which is something that easily bores me. You will start working in a specific pattern. This is what is nice about working at different locations.”      -Johan Kramer, Medium Magazine


Johan Kramer is an advertising icon turned experimental filmmaker.          He is a gifted storyteller who loves the documentary format. His first feature-length film was The Other Final, a documentary about the world’s two lowest ranked national soccer teams Bhutan and Montserrat. It won numerous awards at international film festivals including Toronto, Berlin and Barcelona and in Holland it was chosen as the “Best Sports Documentary of All Time”.  His next film Sing for Darfur premiered at the Tokyo Film Festival and won “Best European Dramatic Feature” at the European Independent Film Festival. 
And in his former life, Johan was a founding partner of internationally renowned creative company KesselsKramer.  Johan left KesselsKramer to devote himself to directing but he still works with brands directing commercials, and more recently Johan has picked up photography receiving praise for the humanity and documentary feel he brings to his images.