Generation Wealth.

Lauren's feature documentary Generation Wealth will premiere opening night of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, with Amazon releasing the film in theaters July 20th.

“Generation Wealth” is a multi-platform art project encompassing a museum exhibition, a photographic monograph, and a feature documentary film.  Lauren’s multi-media exhibition is a 25-year retrospective spanning her career investigating the aspiration for wealth and how that has become a driving force—and at the same time an increasingly unrealistic goal—for all classes of society.

Following exhibitions at New York's International Center of Photography and The Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles, with a 500-page monograph published by Phaidon (awarded the 2017 Lucie Award), Generation Wealth has been acquired by Amazon Studios and is slated for a 2018 release. 


Lauren Greenfield & Leo Burnett dismantled a longstanding sexist stereotype and made #LikeAGirl a badge of honor for Always, bringing home an Outstanding Commercial Emmy and 14 Cannes Lions in the process.

"'Like a girl' should never be used as an insult. It means being strong, talented and downright amazing."

- Lauren Greenfield

"This ad completely redefines the phrase 'Like A Girl'."


"...What makes Greenfield's photographs multilayered, sensitive, and fascinating—and carries them beyond a single-minded morality tale—is her understanding that people's relationships with things in this lurid world are pleasurable and miserable both."

- Artforum

"I think confidence means being able to find your own power that gives you stability and allows you to follow your own path - in a way where you can express yourself."

- Lauren Greenfield

The Queen of Versailles.

The blockbuster documentary The Queen of Versailles showcases a different take on the American economic crisis. It premiered at Sundance before going on to earn Lauren the festival's coveted "Best Director" award, as well as a nomination for the DGA's "Outstanding Directorial Achievement."

"Captures the tone of the times with a clear, surprisingly compassionate eye."

- The New York Times

"The Queen of Versailles is the lucky case of a documentary where life intervenes and deepens the film in completely unexpected ways."


Inside Magic City.

Magic City is more than just a strip club. It's where aspiring rappers go to earn their big break and where ambitious dancers seek out fame and fortune beyond the pole. Award-winning filmmaker Lauren Greenfield takes us inside the ATL hot spot.


A Few Trailers.

Beauty CULTure.

Beauty Culture investigates our obsession with beauty and the influence of photographic representations on female body image. Film subjects hail from diverse points on the beauty landscape. Fashion photographers, child pageant stars, bodybuilders, teenagers, and intellectuals engage in a provocative dialogue that addresses the persistent ‘beauty contest’ of daily life.

"This was also an opportunity for me to [...] look at the role of photography and specifically beauty and fashion photography in shaping these images. In the film, I got to deconstruct that even further and look at the image makers: the make-up artists, the clothes, the models, the model agents [...] I also wanted to kind of break down the fourth wall and deconstruct those boundaries." - LG


In 1997, while on assignment for Time, Lauren began documenting the lives of patients at the Renfrew Center in Coconut Creek, Florida, a forty-bed residential facility for the treatment of women with eating disorders.

She subsequently returned to Renfrew to take more photographs, and was eventually given unprecedented access to film the daily lives of patients. The gripping film premiered a Sundance and was acquired by HBO.

"Makes its case by neither exploiting its subjects nor soft-pedaling their plight."
- Variety


Kids + Money.

In the documentary short film Kids + Money, Lauren returns to her native Los Angeles to take the cultural temperature of a generation imprinted by commercial values. Born of the extremes of poverty and wealth that define the Los Angeles landscape, kids tell their stories in a series of cinematic portraits.

The portraits here are of the film's subjects, hailing from diverse Los Angeles communities. From rich to poor, Pacific Palisades to East L.A., kids address how they are shaped by a culture of consumerism.



Lauren’s hit, The Queen of Versailles, premiered at Sundance, earning her the prestigious Best Director, U.S. Documentary Award, and was acquired by Magnolia Pictures. The film opened nationally in July 2012 to critical acclaim and later garnered Lauren numerous awards including DGA nomination for Best Director. Lauren is the first individual female director to garner a DGA Commercial Director of the Year nomination and earlier this year Lauren won the Emmy for Outstanding Commercial of the year for #LikeAGirl. #LikeAGirl, which became a cultural phenomenon with over 200 Million views on Youtube has been awarded an astounding 200+ awards including 14 Lions at the Cannes Festival; and was ranked Best of the Year in TV/Film by Ad Age. Lauren made her directing debut with her highly acclaimed film Thin, which was featured at Sundance 2006 and won Best Documentary at the London Film Festival. Her next film, kids + money, a documentary short that
premiered at Sundance and was acquired by HBO. Lauren is also a renowned photographer, named by American Photo as one of its "Top 25 Photographers Now”. She has published four books of photography, including Fast Forward, Girl Culture, and Thin. Her latest collection, Generation Wealth, is available now with an accompanying exhibition open at The International Center of Photography in New York following its’ run at The Annenberg Space for Photography in LA. Her work is a part of several major collections including the LA County Museum of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago. A major acquisition of her photography by the Getty Museum resulted in the “Engaged Observers” exhibition, which garnered record-breaking attendance and earned a Lucie award for curator/exhibition of the year. Greenfield is represented by Stockland Martel for print assignments.