Free The Bid.

"The moment the boards came in, I just loved the concept. Sometimes it happens where you can just see the story come to life the moment you read the scripts; and, so.. I instantly could see, touch, hear and feel these characters."

"The mantra- always- is how do we keep the tone  real and intimate, and  how do we make sure we’re deeply feeling something."

- Peyton Wilson, Free The Bid

"She's always sharpening the narrative through her questions. And the result is that you can feel the humanity of her subjects so much, it comes through in every frame. She captures the essence of what these people are about so beautifully."

- David Shane, Director

Reinvent My Story.

Peyton's campaign for HP with BBDO brings us the unique story of one little detail and its major impact.

This spot introduces to a young woman whose grandmother has passed away. Looking through a box containing her granny’s belongings, she finds a handwritten note signed “Love, Grandma.” The signature strikes an emotional chord--and inspires an idea.

With the help of HP technology, the young lady perfectly preserves the signature, allowing a local artist to design a tattoo of the scripture as a loving tribute to her beloved grandmother.

In addition to the moving storyline, the project also allowed Wilson to team up with an excellent class of female industry professionals, including DP Tami Reiker, the only woman to ever win an American Society of Cinematographers award.

Raise Your Voice.

In conjunction with National Bullying Prevention Month, Peyton and Grey San Francisco rolled out Raise Your Voice Against Cyberbullying, a documentary for Norton called that encourages parents to talk to their kids about bullying. At the end of the film, viewers are encouraged to use the hashtag '#RaiseOurVoices' to keep the conversation going on social media. 

"I've done thousands of interviews and this was hands down the hardest for me. And, at the same time, I think it was cathartic for the families to share their stories in a profound way." - PW, Creativity Online


Peyton's earliest memory of advertising was watching her Dad star in TV commercials for the family's fledgling LA retail store, Wilsons Leather. She understood the power of advertising when those irreverent commercials not only saved the store but helped turn it into a national brand. She was raised in Southern California and was way more interested in the outdoors than school, but when she took European history in college her curiosity was lit up and she took off to explore the world. She learned Italian while waiting tables at a restaurant in Calabria, a Southern Italian town where tradition had it the local women stayed home after dark. After that she worked as a PA for Tony Scott where
her main job was driving the agency’s creative director around while he sat in the back smoking pot. After losing a few petty cash receipts she realized the PA life wasn’t for her and got a job at a production company that made documentaries. When her Emmy-Award winning producer colleague told Peyton she should direct that’s exactly what she did. Her film work explores the intimate moments that make up larger stories and her commercial work stands out for its ability to capture the heartfelt human experience. If she wasn’t on set you’d more than likely find her riding around Sullivan Canyon on her horse Guapo.