The Swimmer.

Plunge into the striking visuals and captivating tale behind Thomas's doc The Swimmer, filmed in Ireland in association with the Irish Film Board.

The Swimmer was shot on location in the West of Ireland, in April, so our biggest challenges were weather and water temperature. The shoot was unique because over 75% of it took place in the water or on a boat in the water. Needless to say, we were cold and our underwater cinematographer was colder and our swimmer was, well, even colder…” - TB

"There is a unique level of realism to Thomas's work that brings humanity, humor and heart to the fore. He combines cinematic visuals, true-to-life performances and a mischievous tone to great effect, and he's a real pleasure to collaborate with."

- Kevin Brady, Droga5

The Road To Rio.

Ever wonder how the world's top athletes start their day? Thomas takes us into the lives of 5 first-time Olympians for Kellogg's with Edelman.

"The main challenge we faced on Kellogg's was capturing the life of an Olympic athlete - their drive, their discipline, their personal lives, their dreams - in just a single day."

"For this project I had to get to know the subjects quickly, develop a rapport with them quickly, and make them feel comfortable enough to share their lives with me (quickly). I wanted the finished product to have a personal, intimate and spontaneous feel so it was really important to bond with these athletes and gain their trust."

"It was exciting for me to hear these athletes speak from the heart about what gets them out of bed every morning, day-in and day-out, rain or shine to train for the Olympics. Of course, seeing them do their thing up close was also pretty awesome." - TB

No Guidebooks and No Saying No.

This Is My City is an independent travel show about what cities mean to the people who live in them. In each episode, freewheeling filmmakers Thomas Beug and Tim Kafalas find a local that is willing to show them what life is really like in Lisbon, Beirut, Beijing and many other metropolises. Over the course of a madcap weekend, they film everything that transpires, no matter how dangerous, bizarre or borderline illegal. It’s not about seeing the sights; it’s about seeing the soul. 

"Travel is a social endeavor for us. We find a local in every city we go to, and we get them to take us on a mad adventure over the course of a weekend."

- TB, The New York Times

Welcome to Hangar B.

Thomas's charming documentary Hangar B brings us the days of Dante DeMille and Hank Iken, as they muse on life and death while restoring an old aircraft in a forgotten hangar of Brooklyn's Floyd Bennett Airfield.
The film brought Thomas to the White House for AFI DOCs, won ‘Best Documentary Short’ at the Fastnet International Shorts Festival and received a ‘Critic’s Pick’ at the DOC NYC Film Festival.


Coming in at 6’8” tall, Thomas Beug is a cinematic force to be reckoned with. While he might not play basketball, his sporting claim to fame was a short stint on the Irish National Ultimate Frisbee team. Growing up in the West of Ireland, his first job was picking daffodils at a nearby farm. At ten cents a bunch, the work proved too arduous so he packed up and left for New York City where he joined Droga5 as employee #8. Thomas soon got the bug to make films and he and his pal Tim Kafalas created their own travel show, This is My City  (currently streaming on Amazon), 
which took them to cities across the world in search of adventure. In New Zealand they went free diving for crayfish in the icy-cold waters of the Wellington Bay and in Berlin they took part in a communal ping pong game that lasted all night long. This sense of adventure infuses itself in Thomas’s work. He creates films that are spontaneous, colorful, full of life and yet down to earth. In Thomas’s film and commercial work you can see not only his sense of humor but also a rich soulful reality.