Hollywood Reporter Interviews Alan Poul about Creating in Self-Isolation

"So, I think underneath the surface, this could be a boom time for development. I don’t think the pipeline will dry up because there’s just so much being made but I hope that there will be a renaissance a year from now of great projects being made because they had the time to gestate properly during this hiatus."

With production grinding to a halt in the face of the novel coronavirus, the entertainment industry has found itself navigating uncharted territory. To offer a better sense for how, The Hollywood Reporter is running a regular series that focuses on how Hollywood's writers, actors, directors, executives and more are living and working in these challenging times.

Producer Alan Poul had been in Tokyo, shooting the pilot for HBO Max's Tokyo Vice, when the pandemic started to wreak havoc on Hollywood production. Though both the spread and response were quite a bit different where he was, Poul and his fellow producers, along with director Michael Mann, Endeavor Content and HBO Max, made the call to cease filming over the weekend of March 14, and he flew back to his husband (and cat) in Los Angeles a few days later. When Poul, who is also an executive producer on Netflix's upcoming The Eddy as he was on HBO's Six Feet Under and The Newsroom, spoke to THR on March 27, he was still self-isolating, even from his husband.

You can read his full interview here