Amir Bar-Lev and David Gordon Green Bring Us Ideas That Are 'Crazy Enough to Work' for State Street with McCann.

New York, NY - Chelsea is proud to announce Crazy Enough to Work, our newest project in collaboration with State Street Global Advisors and McCann, creators of the powerfully influential Fearless Girl.

Directed by recent Cannes Lion winner Amir Bar-Lev, hosted by actress, director and business owner Elizabeth Banks, and executive produced by David Gordon Green, the series follows the untold stories of some of the world's most recognized mid-cap companies through podcast and series spots highlighting the ideas that successfully surpassed the norm with a "this just might work” attitude.  During several frank discussions and fun experiences, Elizabeth Banks investigates and uncovers unexpected moments, showcasing how these companies have influenced and inspired their customers and employees.

To check out the latest episode featuring in in-depth look at The New York Times, click HERE.

“It was a great experience teaming up with State Street Global Advisors to create Crazy Enough to Work,” said Elizabeth Banks. “The trials and successes of these often overlooked mid-sized companies were eye-opening. As a fellow entrepreneur, I found it exciting to go behind the scenes and help these organizations tell their stories to the world.”

Tune in to the podcast wherever you listen, learn more at, and keep an eye out for the next episode, coming soon! For more of Amir Bar-Lev's work, click HERE. For more of David Gordon Green's work, click HERE.