Angie Bird Directs a Powerful PSA On Drinking While Pregnant for Proof Alliance and Colle McVoy.

Children With Fetal Alcohol Disorder Confront the Idea of ‘Safe’ Drinking During Pregnancy
- Adweek

While every reasonable person knows heavy drinking during pregnancy is dangerous, one advocacy group believes that our culture is becoming too comfortable with the idea of moderate drinking by expectant moms.

Proof Alliance, a Minnesota-based group dedicated to preventing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, has released a potent new campaign directed by Angie Bird of Chelsea Pictures  from agencies Colle McVoy, 10 Thousand Design and Exponent PR. Video ads in the campaign feature children and teens who had their developmental health affected by alcohol use during pregnancy.

In each spot, the children read from an article, blog post or Twitter conversation that supports the idea of moderate drinking while pregnant.

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