Angie Bird Brings Us The Story of a Transgender Man's First Shave for Gillette.

This Quietly Powerful Gillette Ad Shows a Dad Teaching His Transgender Son How to Shave
- Adweek

Earlier this year, Gillette entered some new territory as the brand decided to start making more pronounced stands on how masculinity is defined. The brand’s 90-second spot directed by Kim Gehrig tackling toxic masculinity was an interesting and welcome pivot (though it did face its share of slings and arrows from the internet)—and also a straightforward and bold approach.

Today, the brand launched a new ad that shows a traditional rite of passage: a dad teaching his son how to shave. What makes this ad unique, however, is that this heartwarming moment features Toronto-based transgender activist Samson Bonkeabantu Brown and his father.

As expected, Brown’s dad coaches him on technique and implores him not to be scared, giving him a great deal of confidence as he navigates his first time using a razor.

Creatively, the ad from Grey Canada is stripped down to the essence of the moment, which allows it to carry a profound weight.

“As I dove deeper into the stories of the subjects, I really started to understand how big of a moment the ‘first shave’ was to them,” said Angie Bird, of Skin and Bones and Chelsea Pictures, who directed the film.

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