Oct 6, 2016

Lisa Mehling Co-Hosts Panel During New York Advertising Week.

New York, NY, September 27th, 2016 - The advertising world is constantly on its' toes. As trends, audiences, and markets change, the makers must adapt their content and mindset to fit the new path in front of them. With this leap in creative thinking, the production of these ideas must also follow suit. On Tuesday September 27th, four of the industry's top creative minds - including our very own Lisa Mehling - hosted a panel for New York Advertising Week titled Getting It Made: Producing for the Future, looking toward the future of production. 

One focus of the panel was the idea of "Real" vs. "Not Real"; showcasing real people and their stories in a documentary fashion as opposed to scripted, fictional content. Clients often call on Chelsea to produce true, authentic stories in alliance with their brand. With that in mind, Lisa notes that "the question is, what does it take to go into an environment and create something that is truly real but is elevated to the highest form" within the often tight time and budget frame provided.

"It comes down to what level of comfort a brand has, and what level of comfort an agency has" she later adds, highlighting the increased collaboration between client and agency in this modern age of advertising. Spots screened in the panel include Peyton Wilson's #RaiseOurVoices for Norton, Amir Bar-Lev's The Honest Truth for Call of Duty: Endowment, and Lauren Greenfield's #LikeAGirl for Always. The full panel, as well as other Advertising Week panels and seminars, can be streamed via NewYork.AdvertisingWeek.com

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