Chelsea Pictures Joins Forces with Get Reehl Get Davis On The West Coast.


Los Angeles, CA - October 9, 2017 -  Chelsea Pictures joins forces with top industry talent management agency Get Reehl Get Davis, who will now be representing the production company on the West Coast.

“From our first conversation, I knew immediately that Jill and Maggie, and the GRGD team shared my passion and my drive,” notes Lisa Mehling, President and owner of Chelsea. Jill Reehl, founder and partner of  Get Reehl/Get Davis, added that, “I have always admired Chelsea’s work and its roster of directors.  When Lisa approached us about representing her company, it was a no brainer.”

Michel Waxman, recently appointed Executive Producer of Chelsea Pictures added that, “Outstanding reputation notwithstanding, I have been totally impressed with their killer energy and incredibly thoughtful and thorough way of doing business.” Mehling concurred, “It’s no wonder they are so highly regarded as whip smart, having an impeccable eye for talent, and for being totally buttoned up. I am thrilled that Jill and Maggie want to share in what Chelsea is doing". Reehl was quick to add that, “We have a bunch of shared goals and have a similar work ethic and style. But, it is the future that excites us: we are enthused by Lisa’s plans for Chelsea and how we will play a major part in them."

Chelsea Pictures represents a roster of acclaimed directors including David Gordon Green, Lauren Greenfield, Alex Gibney, Bruce Hunt, Jack Cole, Nadav Kander, Amir Bar-Lev, Kyle Patrick Alvarez, Thomas Beug, Alan Poul, Gregory Jacobs, Matthias Zentner, Peyton Wilson and Erik Madigan Heck.

Chelsea Pictures operates bicoastally with offices in New York and Los Angeles, owned and managed by Lisa Mehling with Executive Producers Pat McGoldrick and Michel Waxman. Get Reehl Get Davis joins Chelsea’s sales team of Denise Blate Roederer of RHODA on the East Coast, and Doug Stephen & Partners in the Midwest. “I know that Jill, Maggie and their team will be the perfect compliment to our fab team of Denise on the East Coast and Doug in the Midwest,” EP Waxman concluded.