Grubhub Goes Scriptless for Their Latest Campaign.

January 27th, 2017 - For their latest campaign, leading online food-ordering service Grubhub has decided to lose the scripted dialogue and ask real people one simple question: "What do you want to eat?"

The film, directed by Henry Mason and developed for Duncan Channon, focuses on a group of friends discussing the meal of their choice: Tacos. They search restaurants, discuss fillings, and customize their order through the Grubhub app; in no time flat, the meal has arrived. Mason captures unscripted, playful dialogue between the group, showcasing food's ability to unite and bond individuals, and how that process may be streamlined with the help of Grubhub.

A second piece, titled "Pronunciation", sees the group attempting to pronounce various delicacies... with mixed results.

The spots were compiled from over 10 hours of footage, a group of "genuine and creative" friends filmed after Mason "spent a few days getting to know them" in Austin, Texas. Speaking to the loose and improvised atmosphere, Grubhub Chief Marketing Officer Barbara Martin Coppola notes that they "just said order what you want to order" and let their conversation and rapport take care of the rest.

"We wanted to have a meaningful and authentic connection with out users" adds Coppola, working to connect food to "the special moments in everyday life that matter to them". The spot falls in line with Grubhub's latest rebranding, which includes a new logo designed by Wolff Olins, and reminds viewers of some of Mason's other recent pieces, including spots for Dixie, Lidl, and Supervalu, all of which showcase the power of food and community.

Henry's recent commercial work includes spots for Pepsi, Three Ireland, and National Blood Services.