Jack Cole's Minnesota Lottery "Jan Cave"

In this commercial from Minneapolis-based ad agency Periscope, a Minnesota Vikings football fan named Jan Hansen goes the extra mile--and dollar--to build her cozy at-home “Jan Cave,” featuring historic team memorabilia.

Amidst the vintage fare on display we find none other than Vikings retired defensive stalwart Jared Allen who’s featured in a live player diorama. However, a cramp-like football injury causes him to fall down while on his “Jan Cave” duty.

She grants him a break before he’s to resume his ridiculous still-life pose in Jan’s Vikings shrine.

It turns out Jan built her cave from winnings realized through the new Minnesota Vikings scratch-off Minnesota Lottery game. Jack Cole via Chelsea Pictures directed this lotto “Jan Cave” comedy spot.

“When it comes to sports fans, it’s so typical to see the face paint, cheering and tailgates. Our goal was to connect with people outside of the expected fan experience — something more personal. In this case, a fan who did something unexpected with her lottery winnings,” said Periscope group creative director Scott Dahl. “Jan’s the ultimate fan who embodies the love of her favorite sports team. And while the idea of having a live player diorama is absurd, we knew Jared Allen was perfectly equipped to embrace the role and make viewers laugh every step of the way.” 

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