Johan Kramer's 'Keeper' Wins "Award of the Circle of Dutch Film Journalists"

The Dutch film industry once again gathered in Utrecht to assess the state of play during the 39th edition of the Nederlands Film Festival (27 September-5 October). The festival is the year’s most important event when it comes to Dutch cinema and television. The Grolsch Golden Calves Gala is the highlight of the festival, where the prestigious Dutch awards are given out to the best productions.

The Golden Calves in the categories of Best Feature Film and Best Feature Documentary are determined by an academy system, which was implemented in the Netherlands in 2015. The voters are the previous winners of a Golden Calf, Dutch winners at A-list festivals abroad and members of the Dutch Academy for Film (DAFF).

Johan Kramer's "Keeper" won a Golden Calf for the Award of the Circle of Dutch Film Journalists.

You can check out trailer, along with Johan's other work, Here.

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