Lebron James Transforms Into 'Big Taste' for Sprite with Wieden+Kennedy.

January 25th, 2018 - For their latest in a string of zany new campaigns for Sprite, Wieden+Kennedy and Chelsea's David Gordon Green call upon one man to help destroy thirst: Big Taste.

The myserious mascot is portrayed by NBA legend Lebron James, stepping up to baseball stadium's pitcher mount in his lemon-lime uniform with a frosty can of bubbly in hand. "Thirst", in the form of a large, sweaty baseball player, steps up to the plate to stare down his worthy adversary. The catcher, portrayed by hip-hop artist Kamaiyah, shakes a glass of ice cubes to signal the incoming pitch. Once Big Taste makes his choice, he releases the can in the form of a fastball, pounding into the catcher's mit as Thirst gets a strike - or as the Umpire calls it, "Sprite!".

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