Feb 6, 2017

Matthias Zentner Takes to the Sky with Morgan Freeman for Turkish Airlines.

New York, NY, February 6th, 2017 – The world’s most famous voice is speaking the praises of Turkish Airlines for their latest campaign, co-produced by Velvet MedienDesign & Chelsea Pictures, and developed by M&C Saatchi.

Academy Award-winner Morgan Freeman leads the piece, lauding the sense of wonder and adventure that travel may bring as he sits comfortably on a Turkish Airline craft, eagerly en route to his next exploration. He speaks to the blending of various cultures; the melting pot that trekking toward distant lands may create.

We slowly pan out to reveal the other passengers: each one is Morgan Freeman, portraying various individuals, each with their own adventurous agendas in mind. The reveal not only works as an entertaining visual achievement, but also to strengthen the spot’s message: we can all be united if we are willing to embrace one another and run with the adventure that inclusivity brings. Won’t you join us?

Directed by visual craftsman Matthias Zentner, the spot is as much about the mise-en-scene as it is its’ iconic lead. The plane is presented as a pristine vessel for wonder and opportunity, allowing the journey to be just as enlightening as the destination. The spot’s finale brings this point home, placing Mr. Freeman in various locations including the top of a lush green mountain and the middle of a sunny, oceanic beach – still sitting comfortably in his spacious Turkish Airlines seat.

The endless possibilities that Turkish Airlines provide are brought to full-force by Zentner’s visual grandeur, showcasing his knack for crafting unique, stunning presentations that transport the viewer to new worlds. Or in this case - whichever world Morgan Freeman feels like visiting.

Matthias Zentner's latest commcercial works includes spots for Brita, GE, Nikon, and Ford. For more of Matthias' work, please visit Chelsea.com.

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