'Dust' Comes to New York for the First Time.

April 6, 2016 - In 2011, director/photographer Nadav Kander traveled to the border between Kazakhstan and Russia to experience what he describes as "empty landscapes of invisible dangers." Thus became the basis of Kander's series Dust. By exploring the landscapes and ruins of the Cold War testing site known as 'The Polygon', Kander became interested in the 'aesthetics of destruction' within the remnants of these secret cities.

As English writer Will Self notes in his foreword to Dust: “These images do not make beautiful what is not, they ask of us that we repurpose ourselves to accept a new order of both the beautiful and the real.”

Following the exhibition's run through London & France, the series will make its first New York debut beginning Thursday, April 7th, 2016 at Flowers Gallery and run through May 7th. Nadav will also discuss his methods and philosophy in creating Dust with leading NY collector, curator, and champion of photography Bill Hunt on Saturday, April 9th.

Nadav Kander is an internationally renowned photographer, artist and director revered for his portraiture and landscapes. Exhibited in numerous international galleries and museums, his work forms part of the public collection at the National Portrait Gallery and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

His monograph Yangtze – the Long River won the prestigious Prix Pictet Award while the 7th Annual Lucie Awards honored Nadav with their International Photographer of the Year Award.

Kander is represented by Stockland Martel for print assignments.