Witness a Touching "First-Ever Story" for Ford with GTB.

New York, NY, May 15th, 2018 – Director Peyton Wilson’s latest spot, for Ford with GTB, works to bring one woman’s seemingly simple wish to life: to hug her parents.

The piece focuses on a young woman who, due to cultural and generational norms, has never properly hugged her parents. Following a devastating earthquake in her home country of Japan in 2011, she realized the necessity of expressing to her loved ones the impact they’ve had on her life. Seven years later, she flies her parents from Japan to Los Angeles for a memory-making tour of her new home in her Ford EcoSport. The trip culminates in a proclamation of her love and respect for her parents, and her regret for not properly hugging them before leaving after the 2011 disaster. Finally, she hugs them - an unforgettable and incredibly emotional moment now forever ingrained in a simple trip to the beach.

Peyton worked with an amazing team to bring the spot to life, including GTB’s Head of Integrated Production Sumer Friedrichs, DP Tami Reiker, Global CCO Tito Melega, Creative Directors Martin Insua and Ezequiel Soules, Line Producer Maeliosa Tiernan, and editor Trish Fuller of Work Editorial.

The spot has garnered recognition in outlets including Ad Age, Free The Bid, and Source Creative. Peyton’s recent brand credits include HP, Norton, and Cognizant. For more of her work, please visit