The Business of Tomorrow... Today, with Atmosphere Proximity for Cognizant.

January 9th, 2017 - Director Peyton Wilson’s endearing and exciting new campaign for Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp reveals the possibilities of technology’s next big leap, including just how close we may be to that achievement, and most importantly - its’ effects close to home.

The film focuses on a father and his teenage son, followed by the sudden realization that the son never had the family car’s brakes serviced. What appears to be a crisis is quickly resolved; with the press of a button, the car is revealed to be driverless, sent to find its own route to the mechanic and back home again. The fun, inventive sequence showcases how new technologies, produced in partnership with Cognizant, help to make these everyday problems a simple fix.

“We wanted to tell a story about the very near future, yet ground it in present things” says Wilson, speaking to the casual nonchalance with which our subjects treat this technological breakthrough. “Creative Director Keith Ross and I talked about making this [the driverless car] feel like an average sighting, no big deal”.

The driverless car effect allowed for the Director and her team to flex new creative muscles, considering “when to first reveal the car is driverless, and various shots to help tell that story”.

The spot’s finale returns to the father-son encounter, allowing the car’s playful journey to be bookended by what is, for many, a common conversation. “The father/son relationship not only grounds the story, but, I’m hoping, gives it an intimacy and a sort of wink that everyone can relate to” adds Peyton, allowing her piece to exemplify our soon-to-be everyday lives.

This piece is one of six news spots develeoped by Atmosphere Proximity and directed by Wilson for Cognizant. The other films feature such technological breakthroughs as virtual reality, advancements in medical technology, and new devices in home care, each one presenting a unique and inventive take on how we'll live within the world of tomorrow.

Peyton Wilson's recent commercial work includes "Raise Your Voice Against Cyberbullying" for Norton, "Amazing Moments" for Dove, and a piece featuring Olympic gold-medalist Kayla Harrison for Liberty Mutual. Peyton is represented by Chelsea Pictures in the US and O Positive in the UK. For more of Peyton's work, please visit