Lisa Mehling Becomes First Chairwoman for AICP National Board

SHOTS: Lisa Mehling of CHELSEA and Tabitha Mason-Elliott of BARK BARK fill the roles of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.

The AICP National Board of Directors elected a new leadership slate at its 2021 year-end meeting.
Lisa Mehling, Owner/President of CHELSEA, was elected Chairperson and Tabitha Mason-Elliott, Partner/Head of Production, at BARK BARK was elected Vice-Chairperson. Additionally, Robert Fernandez, CEO of Moxie Pictures, was re-elected Treasurer. 

Mehling previously held the post of Vice-Chairperson, and is the first woman to be elected Chairperson of the National Board. In addition to serving as Vice-Chair, Mason-Elliott continues in her role as Chairperson of the Equity & Inclusion Committee. Fernandez is a former Chairperson of the AICP National  Board. Rich Carter of brother, outgoing Board Chairperson, continues in the role of Immediate Past Chairperson.

Both Mehling and Mason-Elliott took note of the cultural inclusiveness of this new Board of Directors leadership slate, as it marks a first for both gender and racial representation. “This is the most diverse Board makeup in the history of AICP,” Mehling said. “I am extremely proud to be elected the first woman Chair, and to get to work alongside Tabitha as Vice-Chair. It’s time, and I relish the opportunity.” 

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