Stacy Peralta Captures Extraordinary Journey of Double-Amputee for Holiday Inn.

O&M NY Captures Extraordinary Journey of Double-Amputee for Holiday Inn
 Stacy Peralta captures the emotional story of Scott Rigsby
- Little Black Book

Ogilvy & Mather New York have launched a new documentary for Holiday Inn. The new documentary short, “Journey to Extraordinary: Scott Rigsby” directed by Stacy Peralta of Nonfiction Unlimited tells the remarkable true story of Scott, a double-amputee, marathoner, tri-athlete, world record holder, author and motivational speaker, who was befriended by Julie Hilton, the owner of the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City, Florida.

This documentary is the first in a series that will roll out in phases throughout the summer and into the fall and will capture additional guests’ journeys. This campaign highlights the Holiday Inn brand’s commitment to enabling and celebrating its guests’ extraordinary journeys through creative storytelling and partnerships.

View the full spot over at Little Black Book.