Stacy Peralta's LinkedIn Campaign Smashes 'White Collar' Image.

LinkedIn’s New Integrated Marketing Campaign Seeks to Smash Its ‘White Collar’ Stereotype
‘In It Together’ launched with a TV spot during the Golden Globes
- AdWeek

Viewers of the 2018 Golden Globes Sunday night may have noticed a commercial from a company that isn’t typically an advertiser: LinkedIn.

And if viewers paid close attention to the spot, they may have also noticed that the actual LinkedIn user who was featured in the ad didn’t fit the “white collar businesspeople” stereotype of the professional network’s typical user.

The spot marked the launch of “In It Together,” LinkedIn’s first true integrated marketing effort, which also encompasses digital display, paid social media, online video, outdoor/out-of-home (including on LinkedIn’s offices across the U.S.), radio, podcasts, search-engine marketing and other partnerships.

Director Stacy Peralta (Dogtown and Z-Boys) said in email, “I knew from the first reading of the boards that this was one of those rare opportunities. They asked us to tell real stories about real people, they wanted it shot in black and white, and they wanted energy, enthusiasm and candor from the people involved. We found and documented many of the unique people who use the platform. We found avant-garde musicians, MMA fighters, physics teachers, animators, chefs and real-life cowboys, all of whom not only use LinkedIn but rave about its effect on their careers.”

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