The Bear Urge You To "JUST F*CKING VOTE" In Campaign Directed by Richard Linklater.

New York, NY - Chelsea directors The Bear (Ben Steinbauer & Berndt Mader) have produced a quirky pair of spots encouraging viewers to get out and vote in the 2018 midterms, directed by Richard Linklater and Will Bakke, respectively.

The first spot, "Tough as Texas", features Sonny Carl Davis reprising his role from Linklater's "Bernie" as a straight-talking Texas everyman questioning senatorial candidate Ted Cruz's campaign slogan, which boasts him as "Tough as Texas." The short has garnered millions of views and national attention in outlets including Rolling Stone, Esquire, AV Club, Washington Post, The Guardian, CNN, and Ad Age. Additionally, John Oliver profiled it on his October 28th episode as his "favorite ad of the campaign season."

The second spot, "Midterms Matter", is a documentary short focusing on real millenials as they discuss how easy and crucial it is to just get out there and F*CKING VOTE. 

Check out both spots HERE. For The Bear's directorial work, click HERE.