Five First-Time Olympians Showcase Their Road to Rio for Kellogg's with Edelman.

April 29th, 2016 - Director Thomas Beug's latest documentary project takes a look at five Olympic hopefuls as they prepare for the 2016 games on their #RoadtoRio.

The campaign was shot in four different cities, and follows swimmer Tom Shields, runner Ajee Wilson, gymnast Simone Biles, and paralympic discus thrower Natalie Bieule. Each film examines the regime each athlete goes through, underlining the importance of a balanced breakfast to start the day. Viewers receive an intimate look into the training process of each athlete and the people who support them.

The campaign explores the motivations that drive each first-time-Olympic athlete - their mentors, their children, their communities and their families. Be sure to check out Ad Age and Fast Company for additional coverage on Kellogg's #GetsMeStarted campaign.