Thomas Beug Wins a One Show Merit Award for 'Hillary Rodham Clinton'.

New York, NY, May 10th, 2017 - Chelsea Pictures and director Thomas Beug are proud to announce that "Hillary Rodham Clinton", with Venables Bell and Partners for HRC, has been awarded a 2017 One Show Merit Award for Television/Varying Length Campaign.

The documentary piece focuses on a career nuclear missile launch officer, offering wary words for our future if dangerous nuclear weapons are placed in the wrong hands. In the face of this possible hazard, he offers his support for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign as a means of comfort.

“A lot of people don’t think that nuclear arms is a particularly current or relevant issue” says Beug, when asked why this topic is particularly important. “Having somebody volatile, petty and unsteady in control of this country’s nuclear arsenal is an extremely relevant issue”.

Beug also hoped to bring to light some important misconceptions regarding nuclear safety. “Speaking to Bruce, I was surprised about how much autonomy the President has when it comes it launching a nuclear strike. If the President was so inclined to start a nuclear war, there is literally nobody who could stop him.”

As frightening as the footage is, to simply scare the viewer is far from the Director’s intent. Beug notes that the spot is “more thoughtful than it is negative”, and that his aim is “to present an intelligent and serious argument as opposed to being purely dramatic or scaremongering”.

View the film and learn more HERE.

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