Shoot: Up-and-Coming Directors Unveiling The Fall Collection

Glenn Clements’ filmmaking chops span such genres as comedy, variety and musical as well as the disciplines of directing, writing and producing.

Directorially he made a major mark this year, earning his first DGA Award nomination for The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special. Shared with Tim Mancinelli, the DGA nod came in the Guild competition’s Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Variety/Talks/News/Sports Specials category.

An acclaimed late night television director and writer, Clements has worked on such programs as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and currently serves as the staff field director for The Late Late Show with James Corden. For the latter, Clements directs Carpool Karaoke, Crosswalk the Musical and various sketches.

Now Clements is bringing his talents, particularly in comedy, to Chelsea Pictures which recently became the first production house to handle him in the ad market. Right out of the gate, the day he signed with Chelsea, Clements was put in the running for a Lysol job which was ultimately awarded to him. He recently wrapped the spot which at press time was scheduled to start airing soon.

Landing the comedic Lysol assignment reaffirmed Clements’ original assessment of Chelsea and what drew him to the company to begin with. “I met with (Chelsea president) Lisa Mehling and was impressed,” he said. “She’s very smart and experienced. They have a very talented, deep roster of directors. They work with people like me from different fields--documentary filmmakers, film directors, still photographers--and no matter their backgrounds Chelsea does an excellent job of shepherding and bringing them into the commercial space.”

While he loves and is continuing his late night TV exploits, Clements is also looking forward to extending his comedy reach into commercials and branded fare. Part of the attraction, he observed, Is “You get a little more time and budget, the chance to put a little more craft and painstaking attention to details in the commercialmaking world than as compared to late night.

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