#wombstories by Nisha Ganatra Listed in Creative Boom's Best Motion Design Adverts of 2020

The pandemic had an effect on advertising in more ways than one this year. For starters, most campaigns had no choice but to acknowledge the impact it had on us, incorporating references to things like social distancing. Distancing itself put advertising in an awkward spot; after all, if performers had to stay at home or at least two metres apart, then how possible was it to create a commercial?

Super easy, actually, as employing animation made that barely an inconvenience to the ad industry. This year saw loads of motion design adverts and live-action/animation hybrids hitting the screen, showing how motion design has become a booming area for visual creatives.

We expect it will stay this way no matter the state of world affairs, and learning motion design for yourself is made easy with Created, which offers courses that will teach you the skills you need to become a motion designer, in a flexible way that you can combine with your career or education.

To inspire your future motion creations, we've teamed up with Created to pick out ten favourite motion design adverts of 2020 one being #wombstories by directr Nisha Ganatra.

Libresse & Bodyform – Womb Stories

The most epic motion design advert we saw this year had to be Womb Stories. A unique and beautiful animated film for Libresse & Bodyform, its three minutes of wonder hopes to dispel myths, encourage a positive conversation and address the life-changing moments in a woman's life. The project was brought to life by a female-led team, directed by Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominated Nisha Ganatra, and created by global studio Framestore – a partner of Created on its Motion Design Professional course – in partnership with Nick & Nadja at advertising agency AMV BBDO.

Its six animated sequences each feature a different animation style to show the "inner-worlds that act as reflections to the realities of the uterus". Styles include 2D cell techniques and stop-frame animation and hand-painted images created with oil paint on glass. As all are brought together in one film shows the endless possibilities offered by motion design, and how open it is to those of all disciplines.

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