Shots: YDA 1-to-2 with Lisa Mehling and Nisha Ganatra

Over the last few days we have had insight and opinion from Justin Reardon, Ram Madhvani, Amy Kean and Pamela B Green, as well as this year's YDA Chairman and President respectively, Karim Bartoletti and Francois Chilot.

To end this very different approach to the YDA, introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic and the cancellation of the YDA's spiritual home at the Cannes Lions festival, shots Co-Editor, Danny Edwards, chats to former YDA Chairwomen and MD of production company Chelsea, Lisa Mehling, and Chelsea director Nisha Ganatra.

Ganatra is the director behind the recent, stunning work for Libresse, #wombstories [below], as well as the director of films including the Emma Thompson-starring Late Night, episodes of TV shows such as Mr Robot, Girls, Shameless and Transparent, and commercials for brands such as Google Home Hub.

Mehling, meanwhile, runs one of the US's most prominent production companies which represents, along with Ganatra, directors including David Gordon Green, Stacy Peralta, Angie Bird and Nadav Kander and which states that it is "committed to ideals of integrity, grit and no BS".

The three discuss the role of humour in advertising, the directorial transition between commercials, features and TV shows, the part advertising can play in social education and whether the opportunities for female and minority directors has improved in recent years. 

Watch the full discussion here