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Let's Talk About #wombstories 

With Libresse's bold new campaign, a voice is given to the unseen, unspoken and unknown truths about periods, vulvas and wombs. Honored as Vimeo Staff Pick, Ad News 'Best Ads of 2020 So Far', and recognition from countless esteemed news outlets #wombstories is sure to join the ranks of other powerful Libresse campaigns such as "Viva La Vulva" and #bloodnormal.

"When my daughter is an adult, it shouldn’t just be acceptable for a woman to have ownership over her body and over her narrative. It shouldn’t just be acceptable for people to be who they want and to love who they want and to choose not to have children if they want. This should be the norm." - Nisha Ganatra, Director


Nisha Sits Down with
'Free the Work'

Nisha sits down with Free the Work in an interview about feature versus commercial directing, working with talent, and cortados.

"Chances are, if you love TV and film, you’ve seen Nisha Ganatra’s directing work before: Transparent, Fresh Off the Boat, Dear White People, and even an episode of Big Time Rush. Most recently, she directed Late Night, starring Mindy Kaling. And that’s just to name a few of her projects—take a look at her IMDb, she’s directed everything. She’s probably directing your life at this very moment..."

Late Night.

Nisha's next feature Late Night, penned by Mindy Kaling, made its' world premiere at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. The film was acquired by Amazon for $13M - a record-breaking sale for a female director.

"If 'Late Night' packs any kind of lesson, however, it’s that backward thinkers won’t prosper, and excellence and success are natural companions of advancement. Every comedy should hope to be this timely and clever."

- Indiewire

"Late Night isn’t content to just be a story about a woman of color succeeding despite the odds, it’s also cynical about and challenges such psychologically simplistic narratives."

- Variety

Google Home.

Nisha's first work in the advertising space is a 7-spot campaign for Google Home in collaboration with Google and NBC - featuring a powerhouse ensemble of comedy heavyweights including Amy Poehler, Tiffany Haddish, Amy Sedaris, Chelsea Peretti and Maya Rudolph, all gathered for what may be the best Friendsgiving of all time.

The spots highlight features of the Home Hub with a ton of comedic flair - allowing for plenty of ad-libbing from the film's comedy elite.

The campaign was featured in Adweek, Ad Age, and Epicurious.

"The balance of humor and humanity that Nisha infuses into her characters presents a refreshing perspective in contemporary storytelling."

- David Gordon Green, Director

Breaking Records at Sundance

Vanity Fair interviews Nisha Ganatra, Director of Mindy Kaling’s Sundance Hit Late Night.
“The fact that it received a standing ovation and a record-breaking sale at Sundance is incredibly awesome, and will help all the movies like it coming after."
"That’s the goal—to get more women in the door, more people of color in the door, and more of these stories on screen so we can all have a more enriching entertainment experience. That’s pretty exciting.”

- NG



(Director/Executive Producer)

"Transparent is magnificent. Daring, quietly searing, funny and profoundly poignant, it is social-observation storytelling at its most incandescent."
- Globe and Mail

"One of those rare shows that alters the complexion of the landscape with its quality."
- The Hollywood Reporter

"Transparent often feels like it was transcribed more than written."

Better Things.

(Director/Executive Producer)

"I've been a TV critic for over 20 years, and I've never seen directing and editing in a half-hour series as minimalist, precise, yet full of feeling as what's been achieved here by Adlon and her collaborators."
- New York Magazine

"It's unlikely you'll find a show as refreshing, nuanced and confident."
- Indiewire

"With Better Things, [Adlon's] crafted a show about trying to have it all in Hollywood-make money, book gigs, and raise children-that somehow feels utterly original."
- The Atlantic

Mr. Robot.


"A cyber-age thriller infused with a dark, almost nihilistic pessimism about the Internet, capitalism and income inequality. And that makes it kind of fun."
- The New York Times

"Mr. Robot is a worldview-challenging psychological thriller that's steeped in new-century punk politics, nervy with digital-age anxiety, and made with slick, smart panache."
- Entertainment Weekly

"Brilliantly done, one of those series that, although fiction, uncannily and eerily connects with very real current events."
- Globe and Mail


Nisha Ganatra is Golden Globe-winning and Emmy-nominated Director/Writer/Producer. Her films have premiered, won awards and screened at Sundance, The Berlin International Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, among others. Her feature, Late Night, written by Mindy Kaling, made its world premiere at Sundance. The film received a standing ovation and rave reviews in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Indiewire. Late Night was acquired by Amazon for a record-breaking deal and saw Emma Thompson earn a nomination for a Golden Globe. As a trailblazer in the LGBTQ community, she wrote and directed her first feature Chutney Popcorn which received the audience award at the Berlin Film Festival. Her first brand work: a 7-spot campaign for Google Home featuring comedy heavyweights Amy Poehler, Tiffany Haddish, Amy Sedaris, Chelsea Peretti and Maya Rudolph. She has directed work for “Plan-B” inspired by her fierce advocacy for Planned Parenthood. Nisha also recently directed #wombstories the follow-up campaign to Libresse’s 
award-winning empowerment anthems ‘Viva La Vulva’ and ‘Blood normal.’ Thus far, #wombstories was Immortalized at the LBB Awards, Vimeo Staff Pick of the Month and Best of the Year, garnered Best Campaign at the Campaign BIG Awards, awarded “Flying High: Branded” at the 1.4 Awards, won 4 Grand Prix Prizes at the Cresta Awards, and landed Nisha a DGA nomination for Outstanding Directorial Achievement. In the world of television, Nisha won a Golden Globe and received an Emmy nomination for her work on Amazon's Transparent and is currently writing an autobiographical series with Amy Poehler producing. She was the Co-EP and Director of the FX series Better Things. Nisha has also directed episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Girls, Black Monday, The Last Man on Earth, Mr. Robot, Future Man, Dear White People, Love, and Shameless. Recently, Nisha directed the  Universal Studios/Focus Features film, “The High Note” starring Tracee Ellis Ross, Dakota Johnson and Ice Cube.