Nadav Kander Shoots Arca Remotely for The Wire Magazine

Nadav Kander recently did a remote shoot with performance artist/DJ, Arca, who is isolating in Barcelona. The shoot was for The Wire magazine, and Nadav reflected on the creative process for this unique project:

"What a challenging idea, I thought, after being asked to photograph Arca who lives in Barcelona under Covid lockdown and me here in London, locked down myself. 

My first thought was to photograph a CRT screen Displaying our Zoom call, lines and all. But I’d done that before and wanted an original, new way. I knew the internet would deliver a less than sharp image and I thought about how to disguise this shortcoming and turn it Into a positive... I looked back at the basics of photography and there the idea was. Simple in a way but too hard to explain in words except to say that all images are un-retouched and what you see is all in camera."